Hypercritical Word Clouds

These word clouds were generated from all the title submissions for each episode of the 5by5 podcast Hypercritical. The relative sizes of the words are based on tf-idf (instead of just counts). Basically, they reflect how each episode was perceived through the eyes of the jackals.


  • Episode 24 was the first Hypercritical episode to use Showbot, so there are no clouds from earlier episodes.

  • Episodes 30 and 31 also do not have any title suggestions since they were recorded by John Siracusa and Ryan Irelan when Dan Benjamin was absent.

  • Episode 44 had very few title suggestions (blame Thanksgiving!). It was commented on at the time in After Dark #61.

  • Episode 54 shows the title suggestions for the 5by5 Special "Kindacritical" even though that audio does not appear in the main feed.